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Welcome to L'Agape Restaurant

We are very influenced by our visits to Italy, where we regularly encounter the osteria concept. We dislike over stocked restaurants with a huge menu because that means lots of frozen products. We wanted a small menu featuring lots of fresh and healthy ingredients. We also believe in the Italian kilometro Zero practice of offering products fresh from where you are operating. For example if you go to Alba in Italy, you will generally dine on meat, vegetables, olives and wine from around the town. We try and do the same here: our butcher, green grocer and 24-hour baker are all practically next door. A slight exception is that we import a great Italian wine called Fattoria San Giuliano di Piemonte at a very favorable price which we recommend. Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean having tiny portions or eating unappetizing food. Food should be considered an art form and should be enjoyed without overdoing it of course. We offer our meat char-grilled and the flavor on your plate comes from the product itself. We also go for original recipes, with no extra sauces or butter or creams. L’Agape is open for dinner from Monday to Saturday. A private room can be reserved for groups of ten or more, interested in a fenkata or stuffed pork belly banquet.

Our Motto

What's good for us, is good for the client!


Our Crew


Chris Gherxi

Owner and Host


Konrad Grixti



Anton Camilleri

Sous Chef

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Opening Times

Monday to Saturday 19:00 till 24:00

Sunday – Closed

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25, Triq San Kataldu, RABAT. RBT1552.