L'Agape Restaurant

O U R   R E C E P T I O N  C O C K T A I L   M E N U S

Fancy A Cocktail Party?

You will be served nothing but exquisite food for your event!

Cocktail Reception Menu 1

Cold Canapés

Caprese skewers
Tuna Caponata
Chicken Caesar
Marinated Prawns and wakame
Roast cherry tomato and feta
Chicken liver parfait, Caramelised orange zest

Open Sandwiches

Brie and cranberry jam
Cured Salmon and herb mayo
Parma ham aged fig

Hot Canapés

Mini beef burgers
Duck spring rolls, Plum sauce
Suppli di Riso
Chicken goujons, tomato salsa
Trio Sausage skewers
Lamb koftas, tsatsiki dip
Ricotta and sausage puffs
Prawn in filo pastry, wasabi mayo

Sweet Bites

Apple Sbrisolona

€25 Per Person

Cocktail Reception Menu 2

Cold Canapés

Tartlets with sun-blushed tomato and feta cheese mousse with basil
Camembert cheese on fig jam, parmesan galette
Shrimp mousse, caviar and lime
Smoked Salmon and cream cheese mousse on brown toasties
Parma ham, rocket, fig jam and Roquefort biscotti
Caprese skewers with salsa verde served in shot glass
Grilled bell peppers, basil and mozzarella Wrap
Focaccia with smoked ham and rucola
Bacon & chive cream cheese rotollos

Hot Canapés

Cumin scented lamb kofta brochettes with minted yoghurt dip
Crispy Brie bites, cranberry compote
Chicken Sate with a tangy peanut sauce
Tomato, mozzarella, black olive and pesto mini pizza
Forest mushroom bouchées
Arancini filled with Cheddar cheese and Beef ragout
Duck spring Rolls with Plum dipping sauce
Mini cheese burgers
Panzerotti puffs with ham, tomatoes and mozzarella

Sweet Bites

Crème brulee
Chocolate fondant

€30 Per Person

Food tastes better when you eat it with your family & friends.


Booking a Table

Speak directly with Chris and he will handle your inquiry.